Altarum's more than 60 years of experience in research, consulting, and health care means that we can offer a wealth of expertise in a diverse range of topics.

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Altarum Institute’s 60-year history means that we can offer an unparalleled body of knowledge and practical expertise in a diverse range of subjects. Our many experts represent the best in health care policy, research, business and clinical process improvement, technical assistance, and program evaluation.
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Our Project Leaders

Altarum’s Project Leaders have management and leadership skills to communicate through vision and forge high-performing teams, while focusing on budget, process, and long-term success. Today’s Project Leaders are tomorrow’s Subject Matter Experts.
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Altarum Institute's more than 60 years of experience in research, consulting, and health care means that we can offer a wealth of expertise in a diverse range of topics.

Ambulatory Practice Optimization

Altarum's Center for Implementation Science houses expert consultants and practice coaches who have worked with close to 1,500 ambulatory health care practices, gaining a deep understanding of the complex systems issues that face modern medical practice.

Aspirin and Prevention

Altarum, through its Council on Aspirin for Health and Prevention, provides national leadership in the area of aspirin and disease prevention.

Behavioral Health

Altarum specializes in behavioral health policy analysis, health services research and evaluation, and technical assistance in all aspects of behavioral health.

Budget and Execution Systems

Altarum provides specialized services -- program and portfolio management; healthcare analytics; revenue cycle management; project management and, planning, programming, budgeting and execution (PPBE).

Business Transformation

Altarum is demonstrating that Lean principles in health care, when applied rigorously and throughout an entire organization, have a positive impact on productivity, cost, quality, and timely delivery of services.

Care Coordination

Electronic Health Record (EHR) system use has been increasing across the U.S. at a steady pace for the past five years, setting the stage for interoperability, which allows these systems to communicate important health data about patients from provider to provider.

Care Transitions Improvement

Delivering smooth care transitions for people transferring from one health care setting to another is an essential element to good health care.

Childhood and Adolescent Health

We work with clients – at the national, state and local levels – to strengthen quality systems of care that support and improve health and wellness outcomes of children and adolescents, and their families.

Clinical Research

KAI provides outstanding services to the clinical research community using state of the art tools and a collaborative, "can do" approach.

Community Health

We help communities and stakeholders assess problems, needs, strengths, and resources; and design, implement and evaluate interventions to improve health outcomes.

Consumer Engagement

Altarum is advancing consumerism in health by engaging consumers with information and tools that help patients collaborate with their health care providers and make informed decisions based on their personal values and preferences.

Elder Care

Elder care refers to the entire range of medical, health, and social services supports that older adults need to manage living with multiple chronic conditions and disabilities.

Food Assistance Programs

Food assistance programs operated by public and nonprofit organizations are dedicated to developing and implementing programs targeted to low-income Americans that reduce hunger and obesity, increase food security, and promote healthful diets and lifestyle behaviors.

GIS and Geospatial Analysis

Altarum uses geographic information systems (GIS) to solve vexing health care problems and more clearly communicate important health care information.

Health Care Communications

Our strategic communications services can scale to the size of the issue at hand. It’s about getting your message to the right people and right place at the right time.

Health Data Interoperability

Sharing protected health information (PHI) from one electronic health systems to another is not as simple as sharing friend and family contact information with different mobile devices.

Health Disparities and Health Equity

Altarum works extensively with underserved and marginalized populations with the greatest needs and facing the biggest inequities to help reduce persistent health disparities and to create greater health equity.

Health Economics

Health economics is the study of how resources are allocated to and within the health economy.

Health Law and Policy

At Altarum, we excel at research-based analysis, helping policymakers evaluate the effect and implications of health care programs and policy options.

High-Tech Imaging

Altarum, an industry leader in health information technology innovation is partnering with local provider organizations to implement a multi-faceted approach to reduce inappropriate utilization of advanced diagnostic imaging for over 750,000 patients in Michigan.

HIV/AIDS, Reproductive, and Sexual Health

Altarum creates systems-based solutions that support the sexual health and wellbeing of all people throughout their lifetime.

Manpower Programming and Execution

Altarum provides specialized services – program management, medical informatics, manpower management, logistics, and medical planning and programming.

Meaningful Use

We believe in the potential of health information technology (IT) to improve human health.

Medicaid Systems

The Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) is the heart of the Medicaid program.

Medical Financial Rate Development

Altarum has supported the Uniform Business Office (UBO) with the development of medical rates to include, but not limited to, outpatient, inpatient, pharmacy and cosmetic surgery.

Military and Veterans Health

Altarum offers a wealth of experience in military and veterans’ health care. We have worked for decades to help our military clients plan, manage, and forecast health care services and beneficiary populations.

MMIS Modernization

Our health care and technology experts have supported numerous key initiatives for the Michigan Department of Community Health and Department of Management, Technology and Budget related to MMIS modernization.

Nutrition Behaviors

The epidemic of obesity and associated chronic diseases are recognized as leading public health threats of the 21st century.


Altarum works with government, corporate, clinical, and community-based clients to address socio-ecological conditions that contribute to the emerging childhood obesity epidemic.

Performance Management

Performance management involves the use of analytics to enhance the performance of enterprise-wide business, both at the managerial/oversight and tactical levels.


KAI's medical affairs department offers a full range of pharmacovigilance and clinical safety services for drug, biologic, and medical device products in a variety of therapeutic areas.

Program and Project Management

Altarum’s skills and techniques are designed to help you execute programs and projects effectively and efficiently, tying your mission to your stated goals and assisting the audiences you serve.

Program Evaluation

Using skills in evaluation design, sampling, qualitative and quantitative data collection methods and analytic techniques, we ensure that the results of health programs and policies are useful to key stakeholders and inform and drive future activities.

Qualitative Research

Implementation Science is a newly emerging field promoting the integration of research and evaluation findings into health care practice and policy. Implementation Science seeks to understand the behavior of health care providers, patients, and other stakeholders in order to identify and disseminate best practices for the sustainable implementation of evidence-based interventions.

Quality Improvement & Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support is technology that links health information, clinical knowledge, and patient preferences to influence health choices, ultimately to improve health care delivery and outcomes.

Registries & Disease Surveillance

Properly designed public health surveillance systems and registries function beyond listing patient information for incidence reporting.

Survey Research and Services

Altarum provides a complete range of survey services, from study design, sample construction, and field data collection operations, to extensive and sophisticated analysis and reporting, including highly interactive presentations such as dashboards and proprietary visualizations of survey data.

Tobacco Control

Altarum, through its ActionToQuit program, provides tobacco control technical assistance on a daily basis.

Women, Children, and Adolescents

With proven policy analysis, technical assistance, program evaluation, and training credentials, Altarum works to ensure that federal, state, and local policymakers and providers collaborate and move toward systems of care that improve health outcomes for women, children, and adolescents.

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