Analytics Training and Education for Navy Medicine

Our interactive trainings have helped Naval personnel learn how to apply analytics to enhance care delivery. 

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Through education and training, Altarum helped the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery establish an advanced analytics operation to inform decision making, monitor performance, and ensure continual process improvement of health and readiness of sailors, marines, and their family members.

Our Approach

We developed a custom education and training program for the Bureau in which hundreds of analysts, managers and leaders have participated. Topics range from research methods and data visualization to critical thinking and decision making. Our curriculum is tailored to their operations, including examples that apply to their work, their mission, and their unique data sources. We conducted webinar trainings to reach Bureau personnel located in military installations across the world, and in-person trainings to provide in-depth and interactive instruction over several days on more complex topics. We also covered timely issues, such as new policies or health challenges, and how analytics could be used to analyze and respond to those developments.


So far, we have trained hundreds of Bureau staff at a variety of levels, arming the Bureau with the practical analytical knowledge needed to innovate, improve care, lower operating costs, maximize efficiency, and support overall readiness.

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Bradford Booth

Bradford Booth  - PhD

Director, Military and Veterans Health

Areas of Expertise
  • Survey methodology
  • Program evaluation
  • Data collection and analysis  

Brad Booth has 20 years of experience designing and conducting survey research and evaluations for federal agencies, including the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense and the Department of Labor. He is the author of several peer-reviewed articles on topics such as the well-being of service members, Veterans and military families, reintegration of Veterans into civilian life, and methods for successful data collection with these populations. He has expertise in a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods, including large-scale surveys, personal interviews, focus groups, analysis of administrative data, literature review and predictive modeling. Brad holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Maryland.