Health Disparities in Early Childhood

We're building the capacity of communities to address the social determinants that contribute to poor health in low-income children.

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Altarum is leading an evaluation of Project Hope, a new collaborative initiative supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to address early childhood adversity and health disparities and promote child well-being by aligning systems and building capacity. 

Our Approach

We're evaluating the initiative in three states—Florida, Oklahoma, and Washington—as well as providing technical assistance to help improve the states’ monitoring and use of data related to health disparities and inequities. Through document abstraction, surveys, and key informant interviews, we will evaluate states’ ability to:

1) Incorporate health equity and family and community voices into decision-making around early childhood policies and programs.

2) Improve data monitoring and use of data.

3) Increase collaboration between agencies and organizations that affect young children and families.


Through our work, states will be able to build capacity and utilize data to ultimately increase access to resources that promote health and well-being, reduce inequalities and health disparities, and ensure that every child can achieve equitable health, development, and education outcomes.

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Linnea Sallack

Linnea Sallack  - MPH, RD

Director, Healthy Women and Children

Areas of Expertise
  • Food and Nutrition Programs
  • Program Implementation
  • Nutrition Behaviors

Linnea is a former WIC program director of California, and has since dedicated her career to helping federal, state, and local nutrition and food assistance agencies develop and implement strategies that strengthen their programs. She is a registered dietitian and holds a master’s degree in public health from the University of California at Berkeley.