Learn how our proprietary analytics software analyzes claims data to enhance care and lower costs.

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PROMETHEUS Analytics products use claims data to analyze episodes of medical care and uncover solutions to key challenges facing the health care system. PROMETHEUS can be used to create value-based payment models, evaluate provider performance, identify care variations, improve network efficiency, and much more. Learn how the insights derived from PROMETHEUS Analytics can help improve quality of care and patient outcomes at

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Matt Beatty

Matt Beatty

Director of Analytics, Payformance Solutions and Value in Health Care

Areas of Expertise
  • Health Care Data Harmonization
  • Provider Network Strategy
  • Value-based Care Initiatives

Matt Beatty is director of analytics at Altarum’s Center for Value in Health Care and Payformance Solutions, an Altarum subsidiary. Matt has over 20 years of experience in health care analytics, including managing teams who retrieve, manipulate, and meld raw source files; validate data; and provide novel analysis for cost reduction and revenue growth strategies. 

Kevin Mehta

Kevin Mehta

COO of Payformance Solutions, Director of Value in Health Care 

Areas of Expertise
  • Alternative Payment Models
  • Advanced Analytics & Technology Solutions
  • Healthcare Transformation & Strategy

Kevin is the COO of Payformance Solutions, an Altarum subsidiary, and director of Altarum's Center for Value in Health Care. He is responsible for leading Altarum and Payformance’s unified strategic roadmap for value in health care by developing innovative solutions, asset-based product offerings, and strategic services.