Co-Director of Consumer Engagement Programs

Chris Duke portrait

Dr. Chris Duke is Co-Director of Consumer Engagement Programs, which seeks to understand and promote how consumers’ individual preferences for care can inform their health care decisions. Dr. Duke is also a Senior Analyst with Altarum’s Survey and Patient Engagement Research Group. With a background in social psychology, statistics, and research methodology, Dr. Duke’s research specialty is in understanding how consumers seek and use health care information, patient engagement, and patient satisfaction. 

In collaboration with Wendy Lynch, Brad Smith, and Safeway Health, he helped develop the Altarum Consumer Engagement (ACE) Measure. The ACE Measure assesses how engaged patients are with their own health care and successfully predicts many health care-related outcomes, including current health status, health-related lifestyle behaviors, medication adherence, use of preventative care, and willingness to pay for care.

Dr. Duke is a researcher for several health care survey research programs, including for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and others. Research topics include how consumers seek and use health care information, patient engagement, patient satisfaction, HIV treatment practices, diagnostic laboratory medicine practices, and several other health care topics.

Dr. Duke earned his PhD in social psychology at the University of Exeter and his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Berry College. Before coming to Altarum, he taught psychology and statistics at the University of Exeter as a graduate fellow.

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PhD, Psychology, University of Exeter
MSc, Social and Organizational Psychology, University of Exeter
BS, Psychology, Berry College