Senior Analyst, Business Advisory Services

Joe Dorris portraitJoseph Dorris, MA, has worked in support of the Military Health System, commercial and government organizations, and organization-specific data for more than two decades as an Applied Economist, a Statistician, and a Quality Assurance/Quality Control Subject Matter Expert, integrating and assessing data from financial, health care claims, cost and workload reporting, staffing, survey response, policy, government report, site-specific data systems, and literature-based data sources.

Mr. Dorris has a strong knowledge of quantitative analysis methods and techniques that incorporate multidisciplinary approaches and multisystem data in support of program evaluation, development, implementation, analysis of alternatives, clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, return on investment, recapture initiatives, and process improvement.

He is an expert in econometric, statistical, and bio-epidemiological outcomes-based analysis methods and techniques, including time series forecasting, cross-sectional analysis, linear and nonlinear regression, system-of-equation models, limited dependent variables, generalized linear models, factor and primary component analysis, survival and hazard models, complex surveys, sampling, and power analysis.

Mr. Dorris is adept with statistical software, including Stata, SAS, and SUDAAN, and is a SAS 9-certified programmer. He is certified by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative for human subject research.


MA, Applied Economics, University of Michigan
BS, Economics, University of Michigan