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CHOMP Project Reports and Resources

Project reports and resources from the CHOMP Mission Project are available here.

Obesity Prevention Mission Project Information

Information about the Childhood Obesity Prevention Mission Project (CHOMP)

Childhood Obesity Prevention Mission Project

Childhood Obesity Mission Project (CHOMP)

Working Together to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Altarum serves as lead third party verifier and evaluator for the Partnership for a Healthier America.

Altarum's Center Leads Early Childhood Track of Building a Healthier Future Summit Featuring First Lady Michelle Obama

Altarum's Center Leads Early Childhood Track of Building a Healthier Future Summit Featuring First Lady Michelle Obama.

BMI Notebook

Documents produced in developing and implementing body mass index surveillance in the Michigan Care Improvement Registry.

Developing Resources to Support, Monitor, and Evaluate Community Coalitions Focused on Early Childhood

Altarum Insitute provides support to community-based coalitions focused on early childhood system building.

Challenges and Opportunities Related to Implementation of Child Care Nutrition and Physical Activity Policies in Delaware

Summary of Altarum study in Delaware examining the implementation of healthy eating and physical activity standards in child care programs.

Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Building TA

Altarum provided technical assistance to State Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Initiatives.

Impact of Revised WIC Food Packages on Vulnerable Communities

Altarum's Center for Food and Nutrition completed an evaluation of small stores’ ability to provide healthy food options under the revised Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Food Packages, as part of its internal research and demonstration agenda called the Childhood Obesity Prevention Project.

Tackling Obesity through Child Care Quality Rating and Improvement Systems

Altarum's Center for Child and Youth Development Presents Findings on State Efforts to Tackle Obesity Through Child Care Quality Rating and Improvement Systems.

Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology and Statistics Program

The Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology and Statistics Program supports MCH officials in their efforts to use data effectively.

Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiative (AAALI)

Altarum supported the network of Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiative (AAALI) organizations to integrate HIV prevention activities into their missions and day-to-day activities.

Caregivers Confronting the Care System

A roundtable on family caregiving and aging offers insights and action items about the lives and roles of family caregivers.

Altarum Make vs. Buy (MVB) Tool

Is it better to build what you need or to buy it from someone else?

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Nutrition and Food Assistance Education Programs

Altarum has been involved in several projects to assess and promote nutrition education programs targeting low-income families, including those eligible for the Special Supplemental Program for WIC.

Making Life Better and Less Costly for People with Chronic Diseases

While there are no cures for chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, or congestive heart failure, careful management of symptoms and patient education is widely believed to improve patients’ perceptions of their quality of life, prolong life, and reduce some medical costs.

Mothers and Babies WIN in Detroit

Palladian is helping to develop new tools and methods to reach at-risk moms who face numerous barriers to accessing health care, such as effective messaging and approachable communication tools.

Geospatial Analysis for Military and Veterans Health

Altarum developed nationwide drive time profiles that can quickly answer questions concerning the adequacy of beneficiary access to TRICARE provider networks comprised of thousands of providers across the United States.

Military Health System Medical Military Construction Economic Analyses (EAs) and Health Care Requirements Analyses (HCRAs)

For the MHS, Altarum developed the Health Care Requirements Analysis approach for forecasting the health care needs of local populations and determining the most cost-effective manner for meeting those needs.


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