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Do you love solving tough problems? Are you motivated by advancing the public good and improving health for the most vulnerable in society? If so, we invite you to learn more about our positions at Altarum and our subsidiaries, Palladian Partners and Altarum Medicare-Medicaid Services for States.

We have a dynamic and entrepreneurial culture, a purpose-driven mission, and a firm commitment to diversity and inclusion. We're also making an outsize impact in our work with some of the most influential institutions in health and health care. Our work environment is collegial and our benefits package generous. Ready to check out our opportunities?

Altarum provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment and prohibits discrimination and harassment of any type without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, genetics, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local laws.

If you need a reasonable accommodation to access the information provided on this website, please contact for further assistance.


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Life at Altarum

Our Values

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For a Greater Good

We work to solve tough challenges to improve the care of individuals and communities disenfranchised by the health care system. To do this, we connect deeply with our clients and strive for excellence to advance their missions and ours. 

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Owning Our Future

Each of us contributes to improving and shaping the future of public health and health care delivery.  To achieve this, our organization must be financially secure.  We ensure our fiscal health by actively working to manage resources while delivering maximum value for current and future clients.  

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Success Through Service

Listening intently helps us identify what lies at the heart of our clients’ core challenges. We think creatively, are adaptable, learn quickly, and act boldly. We find the right path forward by going above and beyond to create success through a gold standard of service. ​Our deep experience and astute listening, along with our proven delivery methods, bring solid, creative, unparalleled solutions to our clients.

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Excellence Together

Breakthrough solutions don't grow from quiet consensus. Innovation comes from the open exchange of ideas and effective discourse. When we challenge ourselves and others, we achieve excellence. 

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Informed and Inclusive

As we grow a workforce rich with lived experiences, diversity is central to fulfilling our mission. We can better understand the populations we serve through the lens of our varying backgrounds. This will influence our work to deliver culturally informed outcomes for our clients.​ 

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Integrity First

Choose the right path, even if it is not the easy one. Act with integrity, steering our clients— and ourselves—on the true course to advance our missions. Be proud knowing, at the end of each day, we did our very best. 

As we work with partners across federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as foundations and other key stakeholders, we are guided by our shared dedication to ensuring a future of better health for all. 

Our team members play a critical role in this. We are a community of passionate individuals who are committed to creating positive change. Our mission-driven culture fuels our dedication to improving health and health care. 

The stories in our Impact Report showcase the significant contributions and transformative outcomes our team has achieved. Every member of our team contributes to projects that directly influence and enhance the well-being of communities, families, and individuals nationwide. From research and policy development to innovative health care solutions, each day at Altarum presents new and meaningful challenges that make a difference.

Our Commitment to Our Team and Communities

Affinity Board: Empowering Culture & Community Initiatives

Our Affinity Board actively enhances communication and collaboration, advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion while propelling cultural initiatives forward.  Together, our board members foster meaningful opportunities that celebrate various cultures, build a strong sense of community, and encourage profound connections among our colleagues.

Empowering Diversity: Uniting Perspectives for Inclusive Excellence

Our commitment to fostering a diverse workforce serves as the bedrock of our ability to deeply comprehend the diverse populations we serve. It's through this mosaic of backgrounds that we endeavor to deliver culturally informed outcomes for our clients.

At the core of this endeavor, our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) stand as pillars of support and advocacy. They ensure every individual within our organization feels valued and supported. Our ERGs are purpose-built to cultivate a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace, focusing on the unique interests and needs of our employees. From supporting minority groups, championing women's interests, recognizing the vital role of caregivers, to promoting the vibrant spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community, our ERGs champion unity and understanding, serving as platforms for voices that echo the diversity of our workforce.

Fostering Community Engagement: Our Commitment to Service

Altarum's Charitable Contributions Committee and Palladian's Palladian Cares initiative form the cornerstone of our commitment to fostering a robust culture of service. These employee-led initiatives actively engage our team members in service-based events and purpose-driven campaigns, emphasizing their integral roles as proactive members of a broader community.

Through active participation in service initiatives, our employees showcase their dedication to making a meaningful impact. These initiatives serve as a testament to our organizational ethos, nurturing a culture where service, compassion, and community well-being intersect.

Altarum’s Leadership Development Program: Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders  

Our commitment to fostering the leaders of tomorrow drives our comprehensive Altarum Leadership Development Program (ALDP.) This program is designed to illuminate a clear pathway for team members seeking to cultivate robust leadership skills and elevate their industry expertise. 

Embracing a flexible approach, the ALDP program is custom-tailored to meet individuals at various stages of their leadership journey. Through personalized mentorship and targeted education, we equip each participant with the tools and insights crucial to their unique professional growth. We believe in nurturing talent by offering dynamic resources that not only meet their current needs but also propel them toward their leadership aspirations.

Compensation and Benefits

Our benefits package is designed to attract and retain the talented people who are the foundation of our success. It's also designed to be flexible, so our team members can choose what's best for them.

Altarum's base pay approach recognizes the importance of competitive rewards as a key element to ensure rewarding career opportunities for those Altarum employees who pursue technical excellence, customer satisfaction, productivity, corporate growth, and personal responsibility. Pay policies and practices within Altarum support fairness, equity, and collaboration among the Institute's various operating groups.

The primary principle in determining base pay levels is competitive external pay practices for comparable positions and skill sets within our own industry, as well as in segments of the broader corporate community, with which we must compete for similar employee competencies and skills.

In addition to base salary, Altarum offers an annual bonus program designed to motivate and reward employees for the attainment of company-wide operational performance goals, and to reward outstanding individual performance.

Altarum offers a generous, comprehensive array of health and welfare benefits. All health and welfare benefits, with the exception of disability coverage, are effective the day you begin work. Insurance for medical, dental, and vision coverage is available for single, two-person, and family, including same-sex domestic partners. An overview of the benefits is presented here:

Medical Coverage: Altarum knows that no one plan design is the best fit for everyone.  That’s why we offer a Traditional PPO Plan as well as two Consumer Directed Health Plans (CDHPs). The traditional PPO provides for certain services such as a primary care physician, specialists, urgent care visits and prescriptions to be covered with a flat copay. Altarum’s CDHPs plans have a lower premium and a higher deductible than the Traditional PPO and are coupled with a health savings account or health reimbursement account. You can use either account to pay for qualified health care expenses. Additionally, participants in the CDHP receive generous employer contributions into their health savings account each pay period.

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Medical Opt-Out: Altarum wants to offer choice and a benefit to employees with access to medical coverage through another source. Employees who opt out of medical coverage will receive an opt-out payment each pay period and are still eligible to receive all other elected benefits. 

Dental Coverage: Altarum’s dental plan provides coverage at four levels — preventive, diagnostic, prosthodontic, and orthodontic (for dependents under age 19.) Costs for preventive services are covered at 100%.

Vision Coverage: Altarum offers a company-paid basic vision plan as well as a supplemental materials plan.

Reimbursement Accounts: Altarum offers you an opportunity to set aside pre-tax dollars from your paycheck. You can use these untaxed dollars to pay for certain types of medical and dependent care. Parking and Mass Transit accounts are also available to employees in the DC metropolitan area.

Voluntary Benefits: Altarum offers voluntary benefits to help employees manage out-of-pocket expenses related to accidents, critical illness diagnoses, and hospital stays.

Employee Assistance Plan (EAP): Altarum offers a company-sponsored EAP that provides employees with 24/7, 365-day confidential support. Offerings include daily life assistance, stress management, financial services, and much more.

Headspace:  Altarum is pleased to partner with Headspace to offer tools to help you live your whole day in the moment, from focusing on work to moving your body.  Headspace is a company-paid benefit.

Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance: Basic life insurance is offered at twice your annual salary, up to $500,000 at no cost to you. You may also buy additional life insurance under the current policy.

Disability Coverage: Along with life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance, Altarum provides both long-term and short-term disability coverage at no cost to you.

Altarum offers a 401(k) plan that is designed to help employees save for retirement in a tax-effective manner. The 401(k) plan helps provide employees with a solid foundation for added financial security during their retirement years. There are two components to the Altarum retirement plan: the employer contribution and the employee contribution. Altarum contributes 3% of an employee’s eligible pay and bonus  to their 401(k) plan each pay period. There is also a gainsharing contribution opportunity that could range from 0-4% based on company performance. Employee contributions to the plan can be made pre-tax or post-tax (Roth option). With the Altarum 401(k) plan, employees are always 100% vested in their contributions and rollover contributions, plus any earnings that they generate.

Altarum recognizes that a well-rounded life is essential to employee health.  We offer paid time off, holiday pay, and floating holidays to encourage employee well-being. Access to an employee assistance plan to help employees achieve that balance.

Paid Time Off: Paid time off is accrued each pay period and is available for immediate use. 

Holiday: Altarum offers 8 fixed holidays in addition to floating holidays.

Bonding Leave: Altarum offers paid leave to bond with a child added to your family through birth, surrogacy, and placement for adoption or foster care.  The leave is available to both birth and non-birth parents. 

In support of professional growth, Altarum offers educational assistance and training opportunities. All regular employees working at a 50% appointment or greater are eligible for the full amount of tuition assistance. Educational assistance is typically paid in advance of course completion and covers tuition, registration fees, continuing education fees, and technology fees up to $5,250 per calendar year.

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What to Expect When Applying

At Altarum, we value all of those who take the time to express interest in joining our team. After submitting your application, this is what you can expect:

  • A confirmation email will be sent, letting you know you have successfully submitted your application to our talent acquisition team for review.
  • While ideally we would like to connect with every applicant to show our appreciation, should you not be considered for a position for which you applied, we encourage you to continue to view our career opportunities and keep Altarum as an employer of interest.
  • The interviewing process: this may vary by position, but will include both phone and in-person interviews with talent acquisition and human resources, the hiring manager, and other members of the team as appropriate for the position.
  • If you are selected through the interview process, a conditional offer of employment will be extended. At that time, we will initiate a background screening process including criminal background, education & employment verifications.

Altarum knows people are busy and we value your time.  If you have any specific questions regarding our application process, please feel free to contact us directly at

At Altarum, we are committed to maintaining an environment of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action. If you need a reasonable accommodation to access the information provided on this web site, please contact for further assistance.