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Connecting Health Information for Better Outcomes

Altarum has been helping public health programs integrate data for two decades. We understand the complexities of incorporating patient information from multiple sources while providing the tools and functionality to conduct data analysis and care coordination. We have hands-on experience developing Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) solutions, collaborating with major electronic health record (EHR) vendors, and working closely with interoperability standards organizations.

Achieving seamless interoperability is key to improving the public health infrastructure and each organization faces unique challenges. Regardless of where you are on the interoperability spectrum—just beginning the journey or seeking to refine existing processes—Altarum can provide services and support:

  • HL7 Standards Development—we work with IT implementers and public health programs through the HL7 standards organization to create new data exchange standards. We’re proficient in HL7 version 2, CCDAs, and FHIR specifications.
  • Readiness Assessments and Roadmap Development—we conduct thorough “as-is” assessments, documenting existing workflows, IT infrastructure, staff skills, privacy, security, and data governance protocols and develop a tailored interoperability roadmap to meet your organizations’ goals.
  • Implementation and Integration—we implement interoperability roadmaps using agile scrum methodologies. Our expertise includes configuring environments to receive, transform, and translate message and document types for all public health domains. We specialize in integration engines (Rhapsody, Mirth) and build custom tools for data validation and integrity, including SMART-on-FHIR apps.
  • Onboarding and Knowledge Transfer— We offer front-line technical assistance, coordinate with hospitals, laboratories, and other potential submitters, while monitoring those in production. Our onboarding services include connectivity, message/file format, and data quality assurance testing. Beyond onboarding, we provide knowledge transfer sessions to ensure public health programs are self-reliant and prepared for data influxes.

See examples of our impactful work below.

Our Interoperability Services in Practice

A newborn baby's foot, after receive one of the three primary newborn screen procedures after birth, the heel stick blood test.
Case Study

Improving Newborn Screening Through Interoperability

Altarum is providing technical assistance to states to advance connectivity between state public health newborn screening programs and health care providers.

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Experts meet to collaborate on public health interoperability resources
Case Study

Public Health Interoperability Training Resource Catalog

Together with a group of committed volunteers, Altarum administers a single-source, easily-accessible library of public health interoperability training resources.

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A toddler girl holds up dirt covered hands. Contaminated soil is a source of lead exposure for children.
Case Study

Improving Speed and Accuracy of Childhood Lead Poisoning Surveillance

Altarum is leading efforts to efficiently track lead poisoning data that flow into the Michigan Childhood Lead Poisoning Surveillance System.

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HL7 International
Case Study

Advancing Public Health Standards for Data Exchange and Reporting

Altarum is helping states advance their interoperability and public health reporting and monitoring capabilities through its work with the HL7 standards community.

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Our Interoperability Services Experts

Sandra Marshall
Director of Public Health Interoperability and IT Systems
Craig Newman
Public Health Interoperability Expert
Mike Yaskanin
Senior Solutions Architect
Forrest White
Project Manager, Public Health Interoperability