Integrating Public Health And Service Delivery

We integrate between the public health sector and service delivery sector (e.g., those who deliver health-related services – providers, payers, community organizations, etc.) to “connect the dots”.

We work both with those in public health and those who deliver health-related services to deliver better value to states, providers, payers, and the populations they serve by:

  • Ensuring the flow of information and insights
  • Streamlining processes and reducing redundancies to improve efficiency and effectiveness for individuals and organizations
  • Promoting accountability for shared outcomes and integrated action across the sectors

Explore our work in integrating public health and health care service delivery below.

Our Impact on Integrating Public Health and Service Delivery

A newborn baby's foot, after receive one of the three primary newborn screen procedures after birth, the heel stick blood test.
Case Study

Improving Newborn Screening Through Interoperability

Altarum is providing technical assistance to states to advance connectivity between state public health newborn screening programs and health care providers.

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