Sexual and Reproductive Health

Empowering Conversations, Improving Outcomes

Amidst rising rates of sexually transmitted infections, unintended pregnancies, and sexual violence, how can we improve sexual health and well-being in the U.S.? With over a decade of experience as a leader in the field of sexual and reproductive health, Altarum understands that promoting a positive, inclusive, and comprehensive approach is an essential first step to reducing stigma and ensuring all people have the opportunity to enjoy good sexual health. 

Our sexual and reproductive health experts have worked in consensus with partners nationwide to improve sexual health and reproductive care accessibility, build practical tools to guide conversations around topics like sexually transmitted infection prevention and consent, promote sexual wellness through national health communications campaigns, and provide Title X family planning expertise.

Explore our impactful work below.

Our Sexual and Reproductive Health Expertise in Practice

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Empowering Meaningful Conversations About Sexual Health Among Young Adults

We’re creating and implementing a national communications campaign to motivate young adults to talk openly about sexual health and relationship topics.

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Reducing the Burden of Mpox

We’re leading the research, development, and testing of communications materials for the public and health care providers to help reduce the burden of mpox on disproportionately affected communities.

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Cross-Training Family Planning and Behavioral Health Providers for Integrated Care and Improved Outcomes

By providing training across disciplines, we increased screening for both sexual and reproductive health and substance use disorder services and built sustained provider relationships.

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Leading the National Coalition for Sexual Health

Since 2012, we've led an engaged coalition of national organizations and experts and developed high-quality, evidence-based resources to promote sexual health and wellness.

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Our Sexual and Reproductive Health Experts

Megan Higdon
Program Director, Sexual and Reproductive Health
So O'Neil
Senior Director, Community Health
Tara Fowler
Vice President, Population Health