Sankey Named to Becker’s “Women in Health IT to Know” List

May 29, 2024

Altarum Chief Program and Strategy Officer, Laura Sankey, has been recognized on Becker’s Hospital Review’s prestigious “141 Women in Health IT to Know” list for 2024. This annual list highlights influential female leaders who are making significant contributions to the health IT sector.

Ms. Sankey’s inclusion in this list is a testament to her exceptional leadership, innovative thinking, and unwavering commitment to improving health care through technology. Her strategic vision and dedication have been instrumental in driving our organization forward, particularly in the realms of public health data transformation, analytics, and patient-centered care.

In her role as Chief Program and Strategy Officer, Ms. Sankey guides work that strengthens public health IT infrastructure. As the complexity of public health data increases, challenges and opportunities abound. She leads the team and clients towards data integration, ensuring timely reporting, and leveraging new technologies to better understand an expanding health information landscape. Under Laura’s guidance, Altarum collaborates with local jurisdiction, state, and federal partners to identify gaps in the existing structure, formulate strategies, and implement real-world solutions.

Throughout Ms. Sankey’s distinguished career, health IT has been interwoven into every role she has undertaken. From her earliest days in health care administration to her current position as Altarum’s Chief Program and Strategy Officer, she has consistently demonstrated a visionary approach to leveraging technology to enhance patient care, streamline operations, and drive innovation. Her unwavering commitment to harnessing the power of health IT has not only transformed the organizations she has led but has also significantly contributed to advancements in the broader health care industry.

As she navigates through the realms of commercial health care and public health, Ms. Sankey adeptly works to bridge the gap, recognizing the indispensable role of public health IT and data in fostering collaboration between sectors, including social services and community-based organizations. Her strategic initiatives have not only optimized clinical operations but also facilitated the seamless exchange of critical information between public health agencies and healthcare providers, ultimately fostering a more integrated and responsive healthcare ecosystem. Ms. Sankey leads a cross-functional team of software engineers, data scientists, and public health analysts who are nationally recognized experts in data modernization, disease surveillance systems and registries, public health interoperability, and health information technology.

Becker’s Hospital Review is a leading source of information for the healthcare industry and being featured on their “Women in Health IT to Know” list is a notable achievement. This list celebrates female leaders who are shaping the future of health IT through their visionary leadership and innovative contributions.  The Altarum team extends a heartfelt congratulations to Ms. Sankey and all the recipients for this well-deserved honor.

For more information on the list and to see the full roster of recognized leaders, visit Becker’s Hospital Review.


Professional headshot of Altarum Chief Program and Strategy Officer Laura Sankey
Executive Vice President and Chief Program and Strategy Officer