See below additional examples of our work with federal and state government, foundations and other health organizations.


Defense Health Agency (DHA) Uniform Business Office (UBO) Program Management Support

Altarum’s UBO Program Office Support Team assists the DHA by improving revenue cycle operations throughout the Military Health System, implementing shared services operations and best practices, and contributing to the DHA mission.

Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Purchased Care (PC) ICD-10 Program Management Support

Altarum helped ensure that Veterans and the families of Veterans continued to seamlessly receive care from non-VA providers during the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 billing codes.

Veterans Health Administration Consolidated Patient Account Center (CPAC) Program Workforce Development (WFD)

Altarum performed a comprehensive assessment of CPAC Workforce Development performance, identifying gaps in services, and providing recommendations based on industry best practices.

Military Health System (MHS) Studies And Biostatistical Support

Altarum helped the DHA Business Support Directorate by conducting studies and financial management analyses for the development of performance measures, models, policy and procedures to improve overall effectiveness and financial decisionmaking.

Making Childbirth Safer for Navy Moms and Babies

In addition to developing a statistical model to predict catastrophic events, Altarum worked with Navy analysts to create an interactive monthly reporting program to improve the care provided to mothers and babies in the Military Health System.

Navy Obstetrics Adverse Outcome Indicators

Altarum assists Navy Medicine in quantitatively describing the quality of inpatient obstetric care being provided to Navy beneficiaries in both Naval and private sector hospitals.

How to Estimate Cost Savings of Community-Anchored Eldercare Reforms

Our forecasting tool makes it easy to estimate cost savings from establishing a MediCaring Community.

Bridges to Excellence (BTE)

An Altarum program that recognizes and rewards clinicians who deliver superior care.