In an era of limited resources, surveys and formative research are critical to designing and delivering health programs that are effective and efficient in reaching target audiences.

Altarum is among the largest providers of patient satisfaction surveys in the U.S. Our survey and formative research tools and expertise include a range of assessment strategies, from focus groups using multimode data collection techniques (mail, phone, and Web) to proprietary data visualization and Web reporting techniques and quality improvement simulators.

Such research has enabled us to master an array of programs, including support for NIH in expanding the number of certified community health workers involved in cardiovascular disease and asthma prevention and control programs in underserved communities.

With the ability to conduct focus groups and implement other research methods in multiple languages, we deliver comprehensive, culturally sensitive results that are applicable in real-world settings. Combined with our vast experience in health systems, we are able to help clients design, create, and improve upon health programs at the local, state, and federal levels.

Altarum is one of the nation’s leading survey providers, interviewing over one million health care beneficiaries per year and working with hundreds of public, private, and academic client organizations. Experienced with all modes of data collection, Altarum brings together relevant specialties, including survey methodologists; survey operations specialists; contract, project management, and budget experts; statisticians; and programming, data analysis, and information technology staff members.

Altarum provides a complete range of survey services — from study design, sample construction, and field data collection operations, to extensive and sophisticated analysis and reporting — including highly interactive presentations such as dashboards and proprietary visualizations of survey data. Our extensive large-scale data collection and field services facilities include CATI telephone interviewing, high-volume automated mailing, and secure Web and IVR data collection.

The overall survey design is created in close cooperation with client organizations and subject matter experts to ensure that the design fulfills the underlying research goals while incorporating time and resource requirements. We can implement a full range of research options, including formative and qualitative research, as well as the most sophisticated quantitative designs.

Altarum conducts some of the largest ongoing surveys in the U.S.:

  • Study of Barriers for Women Veterans to VA Health Care
  • The Department of Defense (DoD) Survey of Ill or Injured Service Members
  • The State of Texas Medicaid Surveys
  • The DoD CAHPS Surveys of TRICARE members
  • The Army Provider-Level Satisfaction Survey