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Building the next generation technology in disease surveillance 

How can states ensure they are prepared for the next pandemic or public health crisis? A scalable disease surveillance system with robust reporting capabilities is key.

Altarum’s surveillance systems can withstand exponential increases in reported cases, are easily configurable to address changing dynamics, and are fully interoperable so data flows from all local points to the state health department.

We integrate monitoring capabilities that enable public health officials to quickly and accurately identify outbreaks, emerging variants, and other threats. Our reporting features and dashboards provide immediate insight into population health trends, such as how groups are impacted based on race or pre-existing conditions.

As states recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re helping them build the next generation of disease surveillance technology. 

Here's our approach:

We combine expertise in public health, technology and interoperability.

 We’re a cross-functional team of software engineers, data scientists, and public health analysts who work together to create a holistic public health solution.

We’re more than an IT vendor; we’re a partner in public health.

Unlike typical IT vendors, we’re a nonprofit, mission-driven organization dedicated to helping state governments advance health through technology.

We draw from decades of experience in disease surveillance.

Our team draws on 20 years of experience advancing public health technology for states, from building surveillance and syndromic systems to enhancing interoperability.

We build systems for the next generation, not just the next crisis.

Our systems remain on the cutting edge through an innovative architecture that allows updates to be made seamlessly when and where they are needed.

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Lakshmi Atluri

Lakshmi Atluri  - MS

Senior Director, Public Health Information Technology Systems

Areas of Expertise
  • Disease Surveillance
  • Public Health Informatics
  • Software Development

For over 12 years, Lakshmi Atluri has focused on public health informatics in various roles at Altarum, from software engineer to technical leader to her current role as senior director of Public Health Information Technology (IT) Systems. Lakshmi has overseen the successful deployment of a variety of applications for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and currently manages new module development and maintenance of disease, outbreak, and other public health surveillance and reporting systems. Lakshmi holds a master's degree in information systems from Eastern Michigan University.