Using Data to Advance Care in the Military Health System

Military Health Data Analytics

Altarum is helping the Defense Health Agency understand and improve the experiences of obstetrics patients by drawing out insights from the TRICARE Inpatient Satisfaction Survey.
Altarum's Ninth Annual Sustainable Health Care Spending Symposium

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Join us on Capitol Hill this summer for a gathering of top health care leaders, researchers, and policymakers.

July 09, 2019



Our integrated oral health care model is used by states and counties to ensure more children are getting preventive dental care.
Altarum Driving Change

Advancing Health of Vulnerable and Publicly Insured Populations

Through research and analytics, technology, advisory services, and program implementation, we help federal and state agencies and other organizations improve health outcomes. Our solutions are more than road maps for improvement—they are a driving force for innovation.

Altarum News and Updates

News and Updates

New Online Tool Calculates the Cost and Economic Benefits of Preventing Childhood Lead Exposure in the United States

In a move to tackle the estimated $84 billion dollar per year financial toll of childhood lead exposure in the United States, Altarum today launched a new interactive online tool that for the first time provides comprehensive state-level data on the cost of exposure and the economic benefits of interventions.

May 30, 2019

Second Wave Michigan Quotes Altarum Expert on the Role of Technology in Improving Health Care of Underserved Populations

Altarum’s Christy Avery recently spoke with Second Wave Michigan about our work to improve the care of incarcerated inmates by integrating electronic health records and a health information exchange (HIE) into the correctional system. 

May 28, 2019

Driving Change

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