WellbeingTREE Learning and Action Network (LAN)

A LAN Teaching Resilience to Empower Elders

WellbeingTREE Learning and Action Network (LAN)

WellbeingTREE is a free, online LAN dedicated to empowering those who live and work in nursing home communities in Michigan. Sessions brought staff and residents together to learn from expert trainers and each other on how to best respond to grief and loneliness while building resiliency.

WellbeingTREE LAN sessions began in May 2022 with sessions on Bereavement and Grief followed by sessions on Social Isolation and Loneliness. Sessions were collaborative in nature, allowing participants a space to connect through discussion and share what they have learned.

Who should participate? All staff from nursing homes in Michigan can benefit from attending: Administrators, Nurses, CNAs, Therapists, Social Workers, Activities, Dietary, and Housekeeping; as well as residents and their families.

What is required? Participation with WellbeingTREE is free.

Completed Sessions

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Bereavement and Grief Session Topics and Recordings:

  • Session One: “There is Wisdom in the Building” 
    A discussion of strategies for staff and residents to support each other after a death. View a recording of session one
  • Session Two: “Caring for Yourself” 
    Recognizing signs of grief in yourself, teaching residents to recognize signs of grief in themselves, and applying strategies to respond to those signs. View a recording of session two
  • Session Three: “Caring for Others” 
    Assisting others when a death occurs. View a recording of session three
  • Session Four: “It’s Always Too Soon, Until It’s Too Late” 
    Communication is key to ensuring residents, families, and staff know their roles during these events. View a recording of session four
  • Session Five: “Memorials” 
    Memorials are for the living and a good way to honor staff and remember residents. View a recording of session five

Social Isolation and Loneliness Topics and Recordings:

  • Session One: “Loneliness and Companionship”
    Exploring the connection between social isolation and loneliness with our physical and mental health, addressing ways that can alleviate another's social isolation with care processes. View a recording of session one
  • Session Two: “Transforming Systems & Processes to Promote Connectedness”
    Exploring ways that systems, processes, and practices can promote loneliness and isolation and can prevent finding desired companionship for residents. View a recording of session two
  • Session Three: "Empowering Resident Voice and Choice"
    Delving into what empowerment means in the nursing home for both residents and staff and encouraging the use of observation and assessment to help homes identify practices that build empowerment. Valuable resources are shared that participants can use to carry their learning forward. View a recording of session three
  • Session Four: "Tackling Loneliness & Promoting Social Connection Among Nursing Home Residents"
    Taking a deep dive into the definition of loneliness, we ask the question "How can nursing home residents feel so lonely when they are surrounded by others?"  Examining risk factors that may increase the likelihood of loneliness and discussing health outcomes associated with loneliness. View a recording of session four
  • Session Five: "Effective Approaches for Reducing Loneliness in Nursing Home Residents"
    Discussing strategies to mitigate social isolation and loneliness in nursing home residents including navigating family estrangement as well as using different types of technology and laughter therapy. View a recording of session five

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