Beth Beaudin-Seiler  -  PhD

Director, Healthcare Value Hub

Beth Beaudin-Seiler

Beth is the Director of the Healthcare Value Hub and a Senior Analyst in the Applied Research and Analytics practice area at Altarum. Expert in both quantitative and qualitative health-related research projects, Beth brings extensive experience conducting literature reviews; numerous hours conducting key informant interviews for both focus groups and one-on-one interviews; and high proficiency in analyzing qualitative data. Her qualitative work includes topic areas such as defining and measuring low-value care; defining safety-net hospitals; and the practicality of low-value care tools to visualize waste within health care systems. Beth leads survey development, fielding, and analysis of quantitative data for the Consumer Healthcare Experience State Survey (CHESS), which advocates utilize to inform key decision-makers on out-of-network billing practices, surprise billing prevalence, and other affordability issues in their respective states. Beth also manages the Research Consortium for Health Care Value Assessment. She holds a doctor of philosophy degree in public affairs and administration from Western Michigan University. 

Areas of Expertise
  • Defining and Measuring Value in Health Care
  • Low-value Care
  • Consumer Affordability in Health Care