Craig Newman  -  PhD

Public Health Interoperability Expert

Craig Newman

Craig Newman develops and implements health care interoperability standards focusing on the exchange of public health data, particularly in the areas of laboratory results, immunizations, and newborn screening. He has nearly two decades of experience in health care data interoperability and has worked on behalf of both a major EHR vendor and the CDC to improve electronic data exchange and clinical decision support. Craig works extensively with HL7, the standards development organization responsible for development of the FHIR data exchange standard. He is also a co-chair of the HL7 Public Health Work Group and HL7 Version 2 Management Group. Craig received the 2023 Association of Public Health Laboratories’ Achievements in Public Health Informatics Award for his efforts to advance interoperability in newborn screening. He has a bachelor's degree and a PhD in the areas of molecular and developmental biology.

Areas of Expertise
  • Interoperability Standards Development
  • Public Health Integration
  • Interoperability Education