Laura Sankey

Professional headshot of Altarum Chief Program and Strategy Officer Laura Sankey

Laura Sankey serves as Altarum's Chief Program and Strategy Officer, providing strategic oversight for the organization's Population Health and Public Health Systems divisions. With 30 years of extensive experience in managed care, business strategy, and operations, Laura is a seasoned executive known for her expertise in developing and executing strategic initiatives.

In her role, Laura collaborates closely with the executive leadership team to define and prioritize strategic objectives, driving forward-thinking strategies that align with Altarum's mission and vision. Her leadership extends to building and nurturing client relationships, ensuring the delivery of high-quality services that meet client needs and exceed expectations.

With a master’s degree in management and leadership and a bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration and Management from Webster University, Laura brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to her role. She is dedicated to driving socially responsible changes that address community challenges, promote positive social impact, and foster sustainable business solutions.

Laura is also a sought-after thought leader in both the public health and health care delivery industries, frequently speaking at conferences and seminars, and often called upon by media outlets for her expertise, providing valuable insights and guidance to inform discussions on social determinants of health, public health data, population health, and more.

Laura's leadership extends beyond strategy development to encompass change management and transformation within the organization. She is committed to leading Altarum through periods of growth and evolution, guiding internal teams toward continued excellence and innovation.