Celebrating National Public Health Week 2024

April 01, 2024

Public health stands as a cornerstone of our society, safeguarding both individual and collective well-being against threats and advocating for practices that enable every American to lead longer, healthier lives. At Altarum, we recognize the vital role public health plays, which is why we're thrilled to participate in National Public Health Week 2024 this week. This year, we stand with the work of the American Public Health Association under the theme "Protecting, Connecting, and Thriving: We Are All Public Health."  A robust public health system addresses the diverse needs of affected communities. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to cultivate a more inclusive system that champions optimal health and well-being for all.

At Altarum, our focus lies on improving the health of individuals with fewer financial resources and populations disenfranchised by the health care system. We partner closely with federal, state, and local government entities to design and implement essential public health and healthcare service delivery programs. Our innovative solutions and established processes consistently yield improved health outcomes for communities nationwide, making our involvement in National Public Health Week akin to a national holiday.

Explore the transformative impact driven by Altarum, guided by a steadfast commitment to health equity, across four key domains:

Within the Altarum enterprise, synergy flourishes among our four operating divisions—Population Health, Public Health Systems, Palladian Partners, and Altarum Medicare Medicaid Services for States (AMMS)—each contributing unique expertise. Together, these facets harmonize to deliver unparalleled solutions and innovation to our clients. Immersed in the most pressing public health and healthcare challenges of our time, our dedication remains unwavering.

Let’s celebrate and advance public health!  Find the list of this week’s events: https://nphw.org/Events/APHA-NPHW-Events