Medicare and Medicaid

How can we improve health outcomes of individuals enrolled in Medicaid and Medicare while controlling costs? As participation in both programs continues to grow, initiatives to improve enrollee experiences while maximizing care coordination and program efficiencies will be essential. 

Medicare and Medicaid Solutions


Altarum helps insurers and providers improve quality of care for patients by delivering accredited medical education, optimizing electronic health record technology, integrating evidence-based clinical support tools into workflows, and providing hands-on technical assistance. Through these and other evidence-based quality improvement methods, we’re improving coordination of care and management of chronic and complex conditions.

In addition, Altarum Medicare-Medicaid Services for States (AMMS) provides states with exceptional national expertise around dual eligible and long-term services and supports (LTSS) policy and program administration. Our state-specific, data-driven approaches improve health equity and outcomes while efficiently managing Medicaid dollars. 

Medicare and Medicaid Contact

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Tara Fowler

Tara Fowler  - PhD, MPH, CPH

Vice President, Population Health

Areas of Expertise
  • Applied Research and Analytics
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Qualitative Research

Tara Fowler leads Altarum's population health work, including in the areas of community health, applied research and analytics, and delivery systems transformation. She has led a variety of multifaceted quantitative and qualitative research projects that deliver insights to leaders of government health agencies, from the Defense Health Agency to the Health Resources and Services Administration. Her recent work includes an evaluation of a HRSA-funded program implemented in 16 states to improve oral health of low-income pregnant women and infants. Tara holds a PhD in public health from the University of South Florida.

Sarah Barth

Sarah Barth  - JD

Executive Director, Medicare-Medicaid Services for States 

Areas of Expertise
  • Strategy and Program Design
  • Program Administration and Operations
  • Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

Sarah leads Altarum Medicare-Medicaid Services for States (AMMS), a nonprofit organization that helps states create financially sustainable solutions to advance health, health equity, wellness, and independent living for dually eligible individuals. With over 25 years of experience in publicly financed healthcare, she brings national expertise around Medicare-Medicaid integration and long-term services and supports (LTSS) policy and program administration.

Sarah has worked extensively with states, CMS, providers, health plans, consumers, and advocacy organizations to design and implement Medicaid managed long-term services and supports (MLTSS) programs and Medicare-Medicaid integration initiatives. Prior to Altarum, her positions included being a principal at Health Management Associates, director for Integrated Care and LTSS at Center for Health Care Strategies, LTSS bureau chief for New Mexico Human Services Department, and director of special projects at the Massachusetts Office of Medicaid.

Sarah has a law degree from Suffolk University Law School and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.