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Altarum’s Corey Rhyan Offers Insights on Health Care Inflation on Kaiser Family Foundation Webinar and MarketWatch

August 25, 2022 | Perspective

Altarum featured on the Kaiser Family Foundation’s virtual conversation series, The Health Wonk Shop, and in MarketWatch article on trends in health care inflation and what might be expected in 2023 and beyond.

Medicare and Private Insurance Health Care Prices Diverge Substantially in 2022

August 24, 2022 | Perspective

Read Altarum’s recent blog reviewing some of the underlying trends in health sector price growth, including a look at the different trajectories of private insurance and Medicare prices for health care services in 2022.

CMS, Center for Health Care Strategies, and Arnold Ventures Discuss New Opportunities for Supporting Dually Eligible Individuals

August 10, 2022 | Announcement

Watch webinar recording to learn more about significant opportunity to enhance and better align programs for individuals eligible for full Medicaid and Medicare benefits (dually eligible individuals).

In Health Affairs Forefront, Altarum Outlines Key Provisions Affecting Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans

July 25, 2022 | Perspective

Executive Director of Altarum Medicare-Medicaid Services for States (AMMS) Sarah Barth and Altarum President and CEO Michael Monson publish “Integrating Care In Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans: A Bigger Toolbox For States” in Health Affairs Forefront. The article outlines three key provisions that provide opportunities to states as they adapt to support meaningful dual integration and oversight of D-SNPs.

In Health Affairs Forefront, Altarum Offers Maternal and Child Health Example as Case for Coordination to Bridge Gap Between Health Care and Public Health

July 12, 2022 | Perspective

Altarum's Sheryl Mathis, Julia Fantacone, Tara Fowler, and Maggie Fairchild use their deep experience in Title V and Medicaid to offer breakthrough ideas for enhanced collaboration between Title V MCH Block Grant and Medicaid.

In Support of Advancing Integration in Medicare and Medicaid (AIM) Act

June 30, 2022 | Perspective

Read about Altarum's support of the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging’s bill that creates the Advancing Integration in Medicare and Medicaid (AIM) Act which requires states to develop a strategy for integrating and coordinating health benefits for full benefit dual eligible individuals.

New Economic Impact Study Shows Lack of Basic Water and Sanitation Services Costs US Economy Over $8.5 Billion per Year

June 28, 2022 | Press Release

DigDeep, with support from Altarum, today released a new report that shows the lack of basic water and sanitation services is costing the U.S. economy over $8.5 billion per year. The study is the first to calculate the cost of allowing millions of Americans to live without running water or a flush toilet at home, and how these costs reverberate throughout the country’s economy.

New Online Catalog Launched for Public Health Interoperability Training

June 16, 2022 | Announcement

Administered by Altarum and developed by a small group of volunteers committed to elevating the knowledge and skills of others working to improve public health interoperability, the Public Health Interoperability Training Catalog is a curated set of training and education resources, tools, presentations, and publications on interoperability.